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Dura-Wrap Crates

Dura-Wrap Crates are particularly well suited for industrial and specialty packaging applications based on their ease of use and versatility

Dura-Wrap Crate Advantages

  • Impact resistance and beam strength surpass corrugated containers
  • Perfect for heavy and/or fragile products
  • Customizable multi-panel designs tailored to your specific needs
  • Easy and safe set-up, load, and unload
  • Multiple end-closure options: wood or paperboard end plugs, or integrated flaps
  • Exempt from import or export rules under ISPM-15

Common Applications

  • Specialized pipe and tube
  • Blindsand millwork
  • Rollers, shafts and extrusions
  • Vehicle and machinery components
  • Fragile instruments
  • High-value items
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