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Dura-Wrap Crates Now in Free, Custom Samples

Dura-Fibre has launched a new crate sample program, which will offer customers quick, custom-produced representations of sample Dura-Wrap Crates.

“We will now provide crate samples in a similar fashion to other Dura-Fibre products,” said Erik Hansen, National Account Manager. “Crate samples are custom-designed, free of charge, and readily available to benefit customers.”

With the new sample table program, Dura-Fibre will stock a variety of calipers in kraft, white and solid fibre recipes, at 50×100 inch sheet size. This allows the company to quickly and effectively deliver custom-produced crates to the customer’s dimension specifications. The samples will ship free of charge, and dispatch to the customers within three days or less.

“It is crucial that we keep improving efficiency, service and value to our customers. This program helps customers to more effectively service their markets, and funnel a more efficient sales and production cycle,” said Hansen. “It translates into better business and greater success for customers.”

Dura-Wrap Crates are particularly well suited for industrial and specialty packaging applications based on their strength, ease of use and versatility. The long, rectangular crates are constructed of rugged, laminated paperboard, with higher impact resistance and beam strength that that of corrugated containers. Unique, customizable multi-panel designs are intended to fit a variety of products and needs. Dura-Wrap Crates are commonly used for heavy or fragile objects such as specialized pipe and tubes, blinds and millwork, rollers, shafts, vehicle and machinery component, fragile instruments and high-value items.

Dura-Fibre will offer specialty laminator sample runs for customers on as-determined basis. For details, customers can contact their account manager or call 920-969-3600.

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