Design Services

Dura-Fibre works with you to provide custom fiber board solutions in varying thicknesses and in a wide range of materials and coatings that ensure performance and protection for nearly every application. Our in-house design lab offers extensive testing on any laminated paperboard products we develop for strength, durability, and water resistance to ensure it holds up to your end use requirements.





  • Up to 300+” long and 97″ wide
  • Up to 250 pt in caliper
  • Roll-to-sheet and roll-to-roll
  • Combing up to seven plies from multiple substrates
  • In-line die-cutting and scoring


  • Flatbed and rotary die-cutting
  • Ability to precision cut and/or score
  • Unique patterns and shapes


  • Functional top coats applied in-line
  • Full range of pre-coated linersDF_color14


  • Two color in-house
  • Pre-printed liners
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