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Dura-Fibre Launches Easy Production Planning for High-Strength Grades

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Dura-Fibre has added another level of structure to their high-strength paperboard—in the form of improved, prioritized production planning. Every Monday morning, Dura-Fibre will prioritize production of its three most popular high-strength grades. The simplified schedule allows customers to better plan for scheduling orders and expected arrival times. “We have seen tremendous demand for our quality, [read more…]

Dura-Fibre Rolls Out New Sample Stock Program

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New stock program keeps sample inventory stocked and ready at customer site for easy storage and design.  Dura-Fibre has announced another upgrade to their high-strength folding carton program, making it easier for customers to maintain product samples, service customers, and move through the sales process. “We will now be keeping customers’ sample rooms stocked with our grades [read more…]

Dura-Fibre Introduces Simplified Pricing for its High-Strength Grades

Customers benefit from ease of new, streamlined pricing structure for popular folding carton grades. Dura-Fibre, an industry leader in custom paperboard solutions, has launched an improved, streamlined pricing system for their high strength folding carton grades. With the simplified pricing system, Dura-Fibre is now offering standard, consistent pricing for three high-strength paperboards: 36 pt Eclipse (white [read more…]

Laminated Folding Carton Board Eliminates Outsourcing, Eases Converting

Dura-Fibre’s heavy weight folding carton line presents an alternative to mini-flute, offering superior quality graphics and high stacking strength—without the hassle of outsourcing lamination or offset printing. Traditionally, mini-flute has been the go-to for larger packaging applications that also required printed graphics. However, this requires folding carton converters to either offset post print directly on [read more…]

Dura-Fibre Expands Heavy Weight Folding Carton Options

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Dura-Fibre has announced changes to two of their popular heavy weight laminated substrates. The company will reintroduce the premium Forte brand, and shift the Eclipse brand to a lower price point to align with market needs. Forte is Dura-Fibre’s premium heavy weight folding carton substrate, and features a superior print surface paired with a natural [read more…]