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State-Of-The-Art Shop Floor System at Dura-Fibre

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The new state of the art tracking system installed on Dura-Fibre’s laminator has streamlined business operations, improved visibility, enhanced automation, encouraged accurate quality tracking and reduced scrap waste. From order entry, to quality control, to precise piece counts, the system tracks everything completely and accurately, from top to bottom. The data is accessed immediately through [read more…]

Laminated Folding Carton Board Eliminates Outsourcing, Eases Converting

Dura-Fibre’s heavy weight folding carton line presents an alternative to mini-flute, offering superior quality graphics and high stacking strength—without the hassle of outsourcing lamination or offset printing. Traditionally, mini-flute has been the go-to for larger packaging applications that also required printed graphics. However, this requires folding carton converters to either offset post print directly on [read more…]

Dura-Fibre Folding Carton Substrates Feature Superior Freeze/Thaw Capabilities

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For the folding carton industry, freeze/thaw applications are particularly challenging, as moisture can cause packaging to lose its integrity and warp or tear. To address this concern, many of Dura-Fibre’s substrates including Forte, Eclipse, and Blanc, feature a kraft liner, which provides unmatched wet durability, quality, and consistency. Dura-Fibre’s heavy weight folding carton substrates combine [read more…]

Dura-Fibre Expands Heavy Weight Folding Carton Options

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Dura-Fibre has announced changes to two of their popular heavy weight laminated substrates. The company will reintroduce the premium Forte brand, and shift the Eclipse brand to a lower price point to align with market needs. Forte is Dura-Fibre’s premium heavy weight folding carton substrate, and features a superior print surface paired with a natural [read more…]